The best Friday ever?

Well, not quite the best Friday ever, but a pretty damn good one. Just got a phone call from my realtor telling me I was approved for my new apartment! Now I just need to gather the necessary funds for my Tuesday morning lease signing.

I booked my movers yesterday (feeling quite positive about being approved), started collecting boxes from the mail room at work, found out that my tax return is even more than the tax man’s original estimate, and discovered that Staples is having a really awesome sale on printers!!

In other news, I decided today that I’m going to use part of my tax return to fly my sister to New York for her 30th birthday. I’m having a party the weekend between our birthdays, so it would be the perfect opp for her to come visit. Plus, 30 is a big milestone! I can’t even remember the last time we were around for each other’s birthdays. Might have been my 17th ten years ago. This would be as much a present for me as it would be for her. God, we are getting OLD!

Final note: Here’s the cute Emmy picture of the week…

It's an Emerson life...



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