Pipes with Holes Don’t Work

It’s 1:15pm. I’ve been working at home this morning (which only further proves my excellent multitasking abilities). The guy has been working in my bathroom fixing the pipes since 10:00. Except that he took a break to go find the super around 11:00. I think he’s almost done.

The culprit of the leaking and the bathroom rain? A pipe with a straight up HOLE in it! The hole is about the size of a quarter.

I’m sitting here ready to go to work–makeup done, hair done, shirt on…just have to replace my PJ shorts with my slacks–while the repair guy finishes up. Hopefully soon. But I’m still going to be left with a huge gaping hole in my ceiling. So that has to dry–you know, a week’s worth of leaking pipes from a girl who takes four showers a day is bound to saturate some stuff. Next week I’ll have to take yet another morning working at home so someone can come in and fix the drywall.

…Holy crap. I just met the guy who lives above me… The guy and his wife live up there…and their KIDS! WHAT!? I can’t even imagine living in this place with two people. Let alone 4 or 5! Insanity. Pure insanity. At least I know why the shower was going so often.


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