It’s Raining in My Bathroom

The upstairs bathroom has been leaking ever since last week. Right now, I swear, I’m going to scream. The super thought they fixed the leak. Well, guess what. THEY DIDN’T! This is the second time where I was about to take a shower when the girl upstairs decided to get in at the same time. I was washing out my tub when water started dripping from the ceiling.

When I got home last Tuesday night from Missouri–after a two-hour delay and a one-hour wait for a taxi, mind you–I stepped in a huge puddle of water in my bathroom. I looked up to find the ceiling destroyed and moldy. I thought this was the same as last May, where they fixed it right away. But nope. No way. The next morning I was on my way to work when I walked right into this girl’s shower…in my own bathroom!

I called the super and also went upstairs to tell the girl. The super came over that night to scratch off all the nasty sagging paint so things could dry. All he did was make it rain even harder in my bathroom. Oh, and make it so that the leaking shower washed all the dead roach carcasses out from the old ceiling…which naturally all landed in my tub.

On top of it all, this woman takes four showers a day! Who does that? I’ve woken up three times at 3am to the sounds of rain in my bathroom. It starts to rain in there right as I’m leaving for work. And now it’s 9:00pm and it’s raining in there again, right on schedule. C’mon, woman! What are you doing every day that you need to shower this much? I’m not a huge fan of showers myself, but this is just sick. And don’t try to tell me she has a live-in bf/gf or that she has a roommate–these are studio apartments. Any more than one person in each would drive a person insane. This is a building for single people!

My glass shelf is coming off the wall because the water is now running down the other side of the shower now. I had to move all my bathroom crap OUT of the bathroom! I can’t even hang my hand towel in there! I feel disgusting, getting splattered with this weird girl’s nasty shower water. 18 more days in New York, LG. 18 more days.

I’m so furious right now. Now I have to go in and clean the bathroom AGAIN. And every damn time is smells faintly of pee! Like those horrible campground bathrooms, or family locker rooms. And I have to take half of tomorrow off from work so I can sit around while the repair men, assuming they show up on time if at all, rip down my whole ceiling and attempt to fix the problem. When my super came over on Saturday night to check out my bathroom for a second time, he told me the entire bathroom ceiling in the apartment below me collapsed. Seriously, people? Wouldn’t you maybe want to protect the integrity of your 100+-year-old building and fix the problem right away? Huh?!

You know what, New York? I was sad to be leaving you earlier today, I even got teary watching the news tonight, but right now? SCREW YOU!!!

PS: Thirty minutes later…she’s still showering. C’MON!


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