Missouri and “The Land Before Time”

Day 3 in Missouri with my sister and nephew. It’s been a great weekend so far. Aiden only had one pseudo-meltdown and it was because he felt badly about losing balance while hugging a little girl and she fell and hit her head. Of course Aiden’s version of a meltdown was to run inside the house and stare blankly at the TV. Little kids are funny. (I’m sitting here at the kitchen table watching him find “SpongeBob” on Netflix instant by spelling out the word. This kid is only 6! … Oh, SpongeBob was passed up for “The Land Before Time XII.”

My sister and I haven’t done much of anything other than watch movies and play Legos. Though yesterday was a big midwestern-style bbq at her father-in-law’s house (the scene of the head-bopping). I brought my own food. I learned how to play horse shoes, though. That was fun!

It’s pretty much been a great, relaxing weekend and I still have two full days.

Now, sit back and enjoy the sites of the Branson, Missouri airport — I kid you not. This is the full interior of the (only) terminal….

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