Mad-Woman Calling

This has certainly been an interesting week.

To start, I got a job in Anchorage! I’ll be working for the Alaska branch of the non-profit I’m at right now. This is a completely serendipitous incident – a job up there just happened to open up, and I found it, oddly, on Craigslist.

Things have just been flying around–I’ve been selling a lot of my things and that’s definitely great. Now I just need my friends to start moving the things OUT of the apartment. That and I need to start shipping things. Way too much to do.

But first things first: FINISH NOVEL (my self-imposed deadline was yesterday, and I still haven’t finished); then FREELANCING. That won’t be too tough. Once I get around to shipping more of my things, life will be dandy.

And that’s all I have to say for right now because I’m about to tear my hair our. … Where’s my wine? Oh, there it is. … Au revoir!


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