Swelling--10 minutes after I hit it.

I did a dumb thing today. I was bending down to pick up my bag and hadn’t realized I left the door to my office cupboard open above me. What do I do? I stand up fast, like usual, and get stabbed in the forehead with the corner of this hard wood thing. I pretty much fell back to the floor, clutching my head and trying not to pass out. When I could finally stand again, I took a look in my compact mirror. It was bleeding out of what looked like a puncture wound. When I step out of my cube and around the corner to my friend Lillian, I asked her if it was bad. She gasped. She told me it was absolutely horrible. I ran to the bathroom and found this large LUMP on my forehead. Freaked me out! I’ve never seen anything like that before. The other two women in the bathroom insisted I go to the doctore. Fortunately on my way out my boss just told me he’d seen worse and that I just needed to ice it.

The swelling has since gone down a bit more–thank God! But I still have this puncture wound-looking thing on my forehead.  And it still hurts. My head still hurts all over the left side. Hopefully there won’t be any more color developing on the lump.

What freaked me out the most is the swiftness of the swelling–it was immediate. And all I could think about when looking at it was this creepy, disgusting saline-injections that became popular with Japanese club kids in the last year. It freaks me out. Definitely not cute!

Saline-injected donut heads. Apparently hot with some of the Japanese club kids.


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