Live Blogging from Hurricane Irene

10:22pm — Waiting for Mayor Bloomberg’s address to the city. Was supposed to go on at 9:30. Been glued to NBC news and Twitter all day. Considering sleeping on the couch just in case the windows in my apartment blow in.

How have I prepared?

Refrigerator and pantry are totally stocked: Water, V8, Kombucha, veggies, kalamata olives, hummus, pita chips, tortilla chips, red and white wine, etc.

Totally equipped: laptop, iPad, and cell phone charged, bathtub full of water for toilet in case water goes out,

10:25 — Bloomberg’s I finally on. I really do like him.

10:28 — Bloomberg’s Spanish accent is so bad. Tho his effort is appreciated.

10:31 — Rain just picked up.

10:33 — “It’s cute to say ‘I went outside during the hurricane,’ but it’s best to say inside.” Thanks, Mayor.


2:40am — Fell asleep on the couch at some point after 11:00. Woke up ten minutes ago. Washed up and refilled the tub, which is slowly draining. Felt good about things till they showed a huge fallen tree on the news, roots and all. There’s a huge tree outside my apartment. Hmm.

2:43 — Screw it, I’m sleeping in my bed. I can’t take another four hours on the couch.

2:46 — At last check, news says the eye of the storm is 189 miles away.

8:00am — Woke up in terror because something fell and hit me on the head. Picked it up and found it was just a small picture frame…that Emmy had knocked down from the half wall above my bed. She was looking down at me, annoyed that I hadn’t woken up yet. (This 8am weekend wake up is pretty standard. But usually it’s just her standing next to the bed screaming at me.)

10:00am — Woke up for good. No more rain. Very little wind. Checked my phone: three missed calls and a text from Mom. I’m fine. Still have water, gas, and electricity. Actually disappointed that this was such a non-event.

10:34 — I’m going for a walk. Then it’s Sunday business as usual.


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