Emerson Killed a Mouse

There I was, getting ready for work, doing my morning routine, when I saw something that looked like a ball of Emmy-fuzz on the top of the bookshelf. I must have walked by this thing at least ten times this morning. I stepped closer: DEAD MOUSE! Oh, God. It was splayed out, legs behind it, mini-paws stretched out in front of it. I ran to the other side of the apartment and grabbed Emmy. Mice are cute in pet shops, but having to see them in your home–and dead at that!–had me stunned. I brought Emmy over to the mouse to do a double-check and make sure that it was dead. Yes, it was dead. And she decided she wanted to play with it.

I’ve heard stories from friends who live outside the city and have outdoor cats of finding dead mice and birds laid out on porches, door stoops, and even one on a bathroom floor. It’s fascinating that Emerson, a cat who doesn’t even like going out into the hallway let alone outside, still has that natural cat instinct to kill, and then bring it to her mistress as a gift. “Look mom! Look what I brought you!” I also love (in a sick way, I suppose) that Emmy laid it out so artfully on my bookshelf in front of the big mirror, where I go every morning to do my make up.

My squeamishness didn’t kick in until I grabbed the mouse’s tale with a tissue, having to move fast before Emmy knocked it to the floor playing with it, and flushed it down the toilet. I slammed the toilet lid shut and ran out to the kitchen. I shivered and laughed hard for about five minutes straight. Oh, so gross.

But like they say: if you have mice, you know you don’t have rats – because rats eat mice.

I don’t actually think the mouse was in my apartment. I haven’t heard any of the tell-tale squeaking sounds like I did in my last place. I did hear something strange outside by my air conditioner last night, but ignored it, because it was outside. My new theory is that the mouse snuck in through the crack between the a/c and the windowsill. Thank God for Emerson. Better dead than alive. How would you kill a live mouse? Disgusting.

Alright, on with my day…


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