Moo-Cows and Camping

Could I BE more excited? NOPE! I was just chosen to be a volunteer at Farm Sanctuary’s New York Country Hoe Down next month! I said in the spring time that I really hoped to be able to make a trip up to the sanctuary this summer, but it’s not a cheap thing to do. When I saw the first email for the hoe down, I got really excited, but my heart sank when I saw the $150 registration fee. However, I did see that they were looking for volunteers, so I shot off an email right away. And this morning I heard back! And they’ve picked me to be a volunteer! So I won’t have the pay the entry fee. I just have to figure out how to get myself that 5-1/2 hours north to Watkins Glen.

Fortunately, I have a rental car discount through my insurance company, and have secured a rental car for a very reasonable price. Additionally, I found a ride board on the event website, and contacted two women looking for rides up to the sanctuary from NYC. One is definitely going with me, and the other is still deciding, and we’ll all split the costs of gas, tolls, and rental fee. I’m also going to camp on the sanctuary grounds with other people. There will be a barn dance, and time with the animals, vegan food galore, and some amazing vegan speakers! I don’t know what all I’ll be participating in, I’m just SO excited to have the opportunity to visit the farm, a place I’ve been donating to for the last two years and have been dying to visit. And another one of the best things about the weekend? It’s completely vegan! No meat allowed on the sanctuary campgrounds “out of respect for the animals.” Holy cow, I can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “Moo-Cows and Camping

  1. Make sure to let everyone know about your love for reindeer sausage. Don’t worry, if it’s organic and free-range, then it must be okay.

    • LOL! That was a one-time deal, and I was so sick afterward! Then I had to witness two baby bear cubs shot out of a tree a few days later, and heard them screaming, dying. If that doesn’t make you vegan, nothing will.

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