Responsible or Not?

What exactly does “responsible” mean? There are so many ways to be “responsible” and I know that I am (for the most part). I pay my rent and my bills, I have a full-time job and health insurance, I eat healthily, and I generally take care of myself. That’s self-sufficient, and I suppose it’s responsible. I also feel like that’s a life defined by society as what we are supposed to be. So if I were to drop my entire life as I know it and run off to Alaska to live in a cabin with my love, and garden and write with no job guarantee, would that be irresponsible?

Nine times out of ten I feel like the only reason I’m still in New York is my job. My boss allowed me to extend my trip and take two more days off of work, which allowed me to spend another four days with my family. But now that I’m back, I’m more homesick than ever. My parents are moving in the near future and the Alaskan way of life in contrast to the City Life is irresistible.  Fresh air, trees, mountains, no-cell-service areas… The winters are long and bitterly cold, but there’s even something appealing about that. Hunkering down with a fire, a good book, a glass of red wine, and Emmy the Cat when it’s -20F sounds delightful. Granted, you can’t do that every day and not go insane, but there are still a lot of things to do up there.

So if I were to quit my job, sell all my furniture, pack up a Uhaul, and head back to Alaska, would that be irresponsible? If you can’t do it in your twenties, when can you?


One thought on “Responsible or Not?

  1. How can you live on the East coast is beyond me. You are a third generation Alaskan on your Grandma McCann side. Our family has lived in AK for a little over 100 years. How about that for ties to this state? 🙂

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