Gaga’s Most Boring Video Yet

There is nothing exciting about Gaga’s latest video. I love “The Edge of Glory,” but all this video does is make my lip curl in annoyance. Why do I want to watch Gaga dancing around on a fire escape and a New York set that looks like a super-clean version of a Brooklyn street? And in the same (albeit cool) costume at that? It’s just…boring. It didn’t hold my attention, I kept clicking back and forth from window to window, checking out other things.

Sure, it’s good for Lady Gaga to mix things up every now and then, but this isn’t mixing it up in a shocking or interesting way. You want to go to a different kind of video? “Government Hooker” is a good track for that. “The Edge of Glory” is a passionate song, whereas this video just made me think, “I’d rather be watching ‘Sesame Street’.”

I have warmed up to the Born This Way album, despite my initial and very disappointed review, and I’m still fascinated by Gaga, albeit a smidge jaded, but “The Edge of Glory” is one of my favorite songs on the album. And this music video doesn’t do it jack sh*t for justice.

See for yourself…


If you want to see a performance significantly more interesting and apropos to the song, check out the Lady’s performance of “The Edge of Glory” on “American Idol.” (Her headpiece is pretty amazing.)


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