A Celebration of My Sister

My sister and I dressed as Can-Can dancers, costumes handmade by Mom, during Golden Days in Fairbanks, AK sometime in the mid-90s.

I just want to take a moment to celebrate my amazing older sister…

Sabrina just turned 30 yesterday, and she doesn’t look any different than she did at 21! (Lucky beyotch.) When we were kids people often asked if we were twins–which, quite frankly, I think is odd because she is three years older than I am and there were always considerable differences in our sizes and we were clearly different ages. Most of our years growing up together, at least the ones that I can remember, were tumultuous. We fought over practically everything. She was the Queen of Snark and if I wasn’t bouncing around and being obnoxious, I was whining about something. We weren’t friends. I tried to emulate her, stealing her clothes, sneaking spritzes of her Lancome and Ralph Lauren perfumes when she wasn’t home. Our dynamic was really similar to Bianca and Kat from “10 Things I Hate About You”, the quintessential teen movie of the millenial generation.

Sabrina made me her Maid of Honor at her wedding in the summer of 2003. I was 19 and shocked at her decision–my sister likes me? It wasn’t until winter of 2009, though, that we finally had a knock-down-drag-out fight–via email and Facebook, naturally–where we finally got it all out, released all the animosity we had toward one another. And at long last, at ages 25 and 28, we actually managed to get over our sh*t. Our mom always used to say, “You’ll love each other when you’re older.” We always thought she was full of crap. Us? Friends? Please, Mom. What planet are you from? Turns out she was right.

Kat and Bianca from "10 Things I Hate About You"

My nephew was born May 17, 2005. He looked like a little Glow Worm at first, all squunched up like a little old man. I bawled when my brother in law put him in my arms. What? My sister made this? And here I thought the best thing about her being pregnant was that I’d get to see her fat for the one and only time in our lives! Now Aiden is six. Six! And Sabrina is 30!

Aiden Bear, my little Cub Scout

30 doesn’t sound old to me, especially when I think of the fact that Lauren, my NYC BFF, is 32 and I’ve been dating a steady stream of 34- to 42-year-old men for the last few years. It’s just the fact that Sabrina is 30, that’s the weird thing. Weird because she still seems like the woman who just got married, who just had Aiden…who looks exactly the same to me as she always has.

On one final note, aside from being a great friend and awesome mother, my sister is a ridiculously talented artist, just like our mom. She’s started selling her pottery online and is making good progress! Check out her website www.swaunstudio.com, and you can purchase her work on Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/swaun. Her pieces range in style from “shabby chic” to wicked elegant, and all are nature-inspired.

You can also follow her on Twitter: @sabrinawaun



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