Nutrition Data: Week 1

As I mentioned in last week’s post, “Is Your Diet Adequate?”, I’m tracking my nutritional intake over the course of a month. I checked my overview this morning, and it’s actually better than I expected. I’m especially pleased with the nutrition graph (Fig 1), which is showing that I’m getting adequate nutrition, over the course of one week getting everything I need. I could up the calcium, but I’m still getting over 100% of my RDA, thanks to the calcium supplement I’ve started taking.

Fig 1

My protein intake is better than I expected–though I shoot for 70g per day, I often wind up with 50-55g. Nevertheless, I’ve still meet my RDA for all of my nutrients. Five out of seven days, I’ve consumed fewer calories than what I burn, more than adequate, and those days make up for the indulgent days.

I’m surprised to see the amount of fat I ingest, but most of it is from nut products, so they’re good fats. Also, I was shocked to learn how many calories quinoa is, though it’s also incredibly high in protein.

One of the things this little personal study has surprised me with is that despite the amount of carbohydrates (90% of which are the complex type, coming from vegetables and fruits), I’m still getting more-than-adequate amounts of everything I need, which just goes to show that a plant-based diet can give you everything you need. And I hope that you will be more convinced of that by the end of this project.

I can’t wait to see my results on June 16th, one month after I started this experiment.


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