Alaska Reunion: From the Biggest State to the Lower-48

Saturday night: Alaska Reunion.

There were five of us: Three from my first high school in Fairbanks, one from my second high school in Anchorage, and me. It was actually really crazy how we were all connected.


SallyAnn: A friend from my first high school—hadn’t seen her in 11 years!—brought…

Lauren: A friend from my first high school and swim teammate, whose sister was friends with my sister, too, who I didn’t even realize was in NYC.

They brought…

Martin: Who was actually in my first grade class in private school, and who I don’t remember from my first high school.

I brought…

Robbie: Who I know through my best friend Eileen’s boyfriend Greg, who was good friends with Robbie in college, and whom I didn’t meet until last fall over brunch in SoHo with G and E; however, Robbie and I went to my second high school—and never knew each other.

How’s that for odd? And especially hilarious since people always ask me if I know their friend from Alaska when they find out that’s where I’m from. The answer is, nine times out of ten, no. But I guess this just goes to show that Alaska really is a small place.

After dinner over $3 sushi and $3 sake (wine for me), we headed over to Fat Cat to play pool and soak up some jazz music. After that, we headed all over the West Village, popping in and out of pubs, and eating late-night French fries, even at one point popping into a book store that Lauren’s aunt owns. So peculiar, all of these things.

All four of my companions are actors, models, and musicians, and all are quite successful at what they do—which is awesome! (And oh, did I also mention that Lauren was once in an acting class with my step-sister-in-law? Yeah. Crazy.) But there I was, the odd-one-out—non-profit web geek, proofreader, and writer. Not to say that’s negative at all. I know I’m doing a lot of great things with my life. I just felt so unglamorous in comparison to all of them.

There is a surprising amount of talent up in Alaska, especially in Fairbanks. And I’m proud that all of these people are rep’ing Alaska in positive ways. Though, now Alaska is a super-hot commodity in the entertainment biz, I hope I don’t look like I’m hopping on the AK-pop wagon when I finish my second novel. That thing has been in the works since 2004!

But seriously, it was so refreshing to have a group of people to reminisce with, and talk about home. Now I’m even more excited about my July 4th trip to the North!


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