Mama I’m Coming Home!

I’m so so so excited! For the first summer since 2005, I’m going home! I go home every year for Christmas, but I haven’t seen Anchorage in the summer for 6 years! The ticket was far more expensive than I wanted to pay, but I have a security deposit return coming my way from the old apartment that will more than cover it. Secondly, aside from not having been home for a while, my parents will be moving out of Alaska in the next year or so, and there won’t be much reason for me to go back. That will be a sad day, but I’ll also be glad to have them closer. Thirdly, I miss them terribly. Fourthly (is that even a word?), it will be an amazing escape from the hotter-than-hell mid-summer in New York City!

Now I just need to find a cat-sitter…


One thought on “Mama I’m Coming Home!

  1. so glad you’re able to make a visit home! and you’re parents are moving?!… in the next year! i’m irrationally upset about this.

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