Five Meals a Day: A Sampling

Many people look at me funny every time I tell them I eat five meals a day (oftentimes it ends up being four or four-and-a-half, or three regular meals plus a second small breakfast and a mid-day snack). But today is a true five-meal-a-day day.

So, here’s my menu for the day:

First breakfast, 7:30am: 2 organic eggs (bought locally), overmedium (cooked with minimal spray oil, no butter); 1 piece of whole wheat toast with approx 2 tbsp tofu cream cheese; 1 mug of coffee, black.

Second breakfast, 10:00am: 1-1/2 cups Trader Joe’s brand Cheerios with almond milk and a handful of fresh organic blueberries; 1 23.7 fl oz bottle of water.

First lunch, 11:45 am: organic fresh-ground peanut butter with organic jam on two small pieces of whole wheat bread.

Second lunch, 1:45pm:  1 serving of leftover homemade vegan lasagna (made with fresh spinach and fresh mushrooms); 1 4oz cup of organic apple sauce.

Mid-day snack, probably around 3:30pm or 4:00pm: (doesn’t count as a meal) unknown yet. Yesterday I had an apple from the farmer’s market. This will probably include another bottle of water. Maybe some hot kombucha tea.

Dinner, around 7:30 or 8:00pm: Unknown. Maybe the last piece of lasagna if I’m feeling lazy.

Dessert, around 9:00pm: Probably too many Newman’s Own Oreo-style cookies with chocolate filling.

Yesterday was pretty much the same, but substitute asparagus rissotto for lunch #2’s lasagna, and half a pint (ugh) of dairy-free mint chocolate swirl ice cream.

Ta da!

On a typical 4-meal day, the two lunches are combined, and usually there’s a snack before and/or after.

And there you have it.



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