The Strategy of Homemade Microwave Dinners


Who knew you could make actual healthy foods in the microwave? I had a vague knowledge of cooking rice in the microwave, but never actually tried it.

I couldn’t fathom another night of canned beans and tofu cream cheese with salsa and tortilla chips, so on my way home I pondered what I had in the cupboard. A lot of rice and a lot of quinoa, a few bags of frozen vegetables, and a drawer full of fresh ones. Perfect vegan, yeast-free foods. So, it was quinoa with frozen peas and spinach with fresh squeezed lemon juice, salt, and pepper. Then leftovers for lunch today and a fresh salad with lemon, olive oil, and oregano as a dressing.

This morning, I needed some protein. So, my homemade whole wheat and flax meal frozen waffles went into the toaster, and I Googled how to cook eggs in the microwave. Et voila! Two “fried” eggs just for me. Delicious!

(Yes, I’m still eating eggs. But only local organic eggs that I buy at the farmers’ market.)

Does anyone have any more suggestions of foods to cook in the microwave? I’m still not going to have my gas hooked up until sometime between 6pm and 10pm tomorrow night, which means another two nights of microwaved meals. Hell, at least I’m not eating TV dinners.


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