A Lorrie Grows in Brooklyn

Welcome to Brooklyn!

I’m moved. Literally, not emotionally.

All of my things are in the new apartment and my GPS even took me over the Brooklyn Bridge—a first for me—on my way to the new apartment. Symbolic much?

The old apartment, as of Sunday morning, has been checked out and cleaned up, and, as of yesterday, I officially turned in the keys. Sayonara SpaHizzle! And thank God for now. When I returned to 116th street to turn in my keys to the landlord management company, the area was buzzing with incredible activity. Despite my wondering Don’t these people have jobs? I can appreciate the culture of Spanish Harlem. It lends a sort of charm, even though most of the square footage of the neighborhood is downright disgusting. It’s loud, but it’s raw and real. Nothing wrong with that. I just don’t want to live in it anymore.

But, back to Brooklyn: The moving company wound up scheduling my move much earlier than originally planned, because it turned out I had a lot more stuff than I thought I did. And the boss of the movers didn’t hesitate to jerkily point this out to me. “Let me ask you a question,” he said as we waited for the last piece of furniture to come into the new apartment. “Have you been divorced twice? Because the only single ladies I’ve moved before who had this much stuff had been divorced twice.” Gee, thanks butthead. Lauren, who stood unflinchingly by my side all day and even helped the movers bring some things upstairs, stated several times to me that she alone had more stuff than I do.

The movers wound up taking much longer than I had budgeted for–$300 more, that is. And it should not have taken the moving van an entire hour to get from Spanish Harlem to Brooklyn. It only took me twenty minutes in my rental car. And, by the way, the truck was so full I had to drive two of the movers myself, who both fell asleep in the back seat. Nice. The thing that pissed me off the most was that the movers treated a lot of my furniture carelessly. My bed frame was scratched along both sides—that’s annoying but at least it’s not visible. The two bottom drawers of my dresser, on the other hand, are chipped all to hell. The most the boss did was give me ten bucks to go buy a fill stick to fix it myself.

But it’s not all complaints. Sure, it cost a lot more than I’d budgeted and my furniture was damaged, but I’m just happy to be in the new place. It’s gorgeous and oh-so-me. The commute to work is really easy, despite the 10 minute walk to the subway station. I could go to the closer station but that’s a local train and takes a lot longer to get to work. I’d rather have the nice walk in the morning anyway.

Still a lot of boxes to take care of and storage things to purchase (thank you Meghan and your 40% off Container Store employee discount!). The sunshine through the many windows in the new place makes it all worthwhile. Not to mention that the last two mornings I’ve woken up to birds singing. The trees outside my window are also blooming and turning green. There’s an adorable Rottweiler in the house behind my building who barked at me the first time he saw me in my window. All I had to do was start talking to him, and he bit his lip and cocked his head, then went about his business of patrolling the other yards around his house.

In a lot of ways, my new neighborhood feels like the suburbs. It’s quiet, it’s mostly clean, there are trees. Trees, people! The air even feels cleaner. And maybe it is, compared to Manhattan. Maybe it’s the trees.

I still don’t have gas hooked up to my stove so cooking has been an issue. Hopefully that will be remedied tomorrow. But I’ve been so tired, coming down from the incredible stress of moving, that I don’t really care. Big lunch, small dinner. That’s the way I’ve been rolling these last two weeks. And thank God for the microwave and the coffee maker and the toaster.

The new place is small, but very lovely. My living room space and the kitchen are set up with just a few more adjustments to make. The bedroom area is still piled high with boxes, but I’m planning to tackle a lot of that tonight. Or at least some of it. Maybe even head to bed early again, which felt so good last night.


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