Tiny Living

I stopped by my new apartment last night to check out all the renovations – it’s going to be a great space to live in, no doubt. The living room area is about 9′ x 9′ and the sleeping/bedroom area is about 9′ x 11′ – small, yeah, at about 180 square feet, but totally doable. This doesn’t, of course, count the separate kitchen–probably another 80 square feet, and the bathroom and walk-in closet. Now that I’m calculating all of that, it all seems quite small… but, considering that the bedroom I had full time until I was 12 (and then part time from 12 to 16) was 144 square feet and I spent all my home-time there, I know this apartment is going to work for me – especially because it has great windows.

In New York, space is a precious commodity, so for me, making my home a home is vital.

With that in mind, check out this guy in Hong Kong in his 344 square foot apartment, which is full of all kinds of awesome!


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