Interior Decobsession

It’s no secret that I’ve been itching to move since January! And now that the move is less than two weeks away, I’m getting serious about decorating the new place.

Okay, okay. I’ve actually been planning my decor for weeks now. I even bought two candle lanterns to hang, a new desk, and a chair. But let’s get down to brass tax: What will I do with the walls?

Well, thanks to some style blog linkage, I think I’ve figured it out … Wall decals!

I’ve been skeptical about these, because I never really find ones that I like, that go with my tastes, and aren’t totally tacky. But, thanks to, I’ve narrowed my choices down to three options:

I’m rather partial to the last one – I love birch trees. But I worry that it might get depressing to look at leaf-less trees in the summer time. Which brings me to the second one, which I really do love, and was the first I saw that sparked my idea. But is it weird to have a bird cage hanging from a tree? I guess I could always remove it if it really weirded me out.

Decisions, decisions. Let’s not even talk about the fact that I don’t have a clue which wall one of these would go on! The cool thing is that you can pick your own colors on them, too, so you know they’ll match your decor.  I’m definitely partial to those red leaves and the grey tree. I know which way I’m leaning …

Meanwhile, I can’t stop thinking about this adorable idea for an herb garden:

This is from the blog Ten June (not to be confused with the douchey night club). It’s so adorable and brilliant! And these are inexpensive little planter buckets from Ikea. I’m totally stealing this for my kitchen wall. Although I wonder: how do the plants get light?



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