Another week…

Holy wow. It’s been a while since I did a post that didn’t involve recipes or activism. Right now I’m sitting at home on my couch with my cat, Emmy, and waiting for my veggie burger and french fries to be delivered. I had to leave work early for some medical tests, which have left me feeling like utter crap.

So many things have happened lately, but I’m going to skip over most of what went down last week because, quite frankly, last week sucked arse. The best things to come out of last week: I signed my lease on the new apartment and met my landlord. Oh, and received a check for my last two freelance projects–always nice to come home and find a lovely check in the mail.

Aside from this afternoon’s tests, things are going well so far this week. Yesterday: brunch with Lindsay, Jaime, and Fran, then an afternoon in East Harlem Cafe proofreading, followed by a relaxing evening. Overall, a good weekend. I did have a date on Saturday afternoon with a professional chess player, but don’t really see the two of us going anywhere. So, whatever. Every date is an experience nonetheless. And since I’m going backward on the time line, Friday night/ Saturday morning was rather entertaining–Lindsay called me at 3am, drunk, unable to figure out how to get back into her apartment, unable to open her door and so slept over at my place. It was pretty amusing, especially the next morning when I easily opened it for her. Oh, Lindsay. I love that girl.

Now, I’m off to scarf up my veggie burger and fries (thank you, Joy Burger Bar!) and watch a movie….

Don’t forget to update the blog’s URL — it’s now simply!


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