A veganist is someone who looks closely at all of the implications of their food choices — to his or her own body, to the animals, and to the environment — and then chooses to lean in to a plant-based diet. The suffix “ist” means “one who does” or “one who studies,” so a veganist takes what he or she learns and puts it into action by eating things that grow on trees or in the ground. All of this said, the word is intended as a soft word, a forgiving word. It’s all about progress, not perfection.

–Kathy Freston, author of Veganist

Read the rest of Freston’s article, “The Steps to Becoming a Veganist”, on the HuffPo

Her journey really mirrors my own.

As I coach people on their way to giving up meat, dairy, fish, and eggs, I always recommend “leaning into it” (as I did here) so they don’t get too overwhelmed by the changes. If you shift your eating patterns gradually, just by giving up eating one animal at a time (start by giving up chickens) or subbing out a favorite meal by veganizing the protein (opting for a black bean burrito instead of a beef burrito for instance), you have more breathing room to discover new food choices and menus. When I decided that vegan made sense, I was suddenly overwhelmed with what I didn’t know, what I could and couldn’t eat. So I just set my intention to be vegan, and then made the incremental changes little by little until I was entirely comfortable with the new fare.


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