Skin Testimonial: Personal Microderm System

I have been struggling with “acne” since I was 17 years old. Sounds like a typical story, doesn’t it? Well, mine was different. No dermatologist solution worked except for a constant stream of antibiotics flowing through my system.

It wasn’t until I was 24 that I figured out the problem. I didn’t have acne. What had been happening on my face for seven years was in fact an allergic reaction–casein (a protein in milk)! It’s a long story as to how I finally figured this out, but once I was able to find a dermatologist to diagnose and confirm what I’d suspected, I started on the road to giving up dairy completely. Believe me, it was no easy task, and that was three years ago.

The Personal Microderm Tool

Now that I’ve got my dairy consumption under control–making it nil–and have an eating plan that makes it much easier to avoid dairy completely (veganism), my skin has vastly improved. I still have the occasional breakout, which sucks, thanks to casein and/or dairy sneaking into things when I don’t even realize (like bagels! WTF?!). But while I have vastly reduced my breakouts to near-nothing, I still have to deal with the scars left over from nearly ten years of allergic-reaction acne.

MaMa lotion (rebranded as M2) worked for a while, and I still use it occasionally, but the scars still persisted. I’m lucky: they’re not deep pockmarks like a lot of people have. Rather, they’re red spots. It sucks, but at least I can use cover up and powder to mask them most of the time. I still want them gone, and it wasn’t until I started using the Personal Microderm system (an absolutely worthwhile investment) that I really started to see a difference in my skin. Not only are my scars fading, but the pore-cleansing element of the tool has reduced my breakouts. In fact I’ve gone for over a month without even one large … whatever it’s called (you can see it in the “before” pic below).

I was somewhat skeptical–I’d done microdermabrasion once before, but the high cost was not justifiable for me and my budget (I had gotten a special Groupon deal, otherwise I never would have done it). The Personal Microderm tool is $179 on, and WELL worth the price. You can also get a discount code through Apothica–honestly, I forget what it is now. But I’ll share it when I find it again.

Need proof that this works? Check out my before and after pics below:


Before - January 2011

Before - January 2011

Before - January 2011

Before - January 2011

Two months later… Light scars still present, but skin is smooth and scars have seriously faded!

Two months later -- March 2011

Two months later -- March 2011

This was ABSOLUTELY worth the investment!

Get yours NOW!

A note of warning: Don’t over do it when you’re using this tool. Going over your skin more than twice in a session or holding the tool on a spot for too long will remove too much skin, and cause scabbing. It’s NOT cute. I did accidentally do it on my nose, getting overzealous making blackheads disappear. But overall, as long as you’re smart and follow the easy instructions on the DVD that comes with the tool, you’ll be very satisfied.



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