A few people have asked me why I want to move out of my current apartment — it’s a two bedroom! It’s incredibly cheap! It’s in a good area! It’s by the subway! In fact, according to, my apartment is one of the cheapest in the neighborhood for what it is.

Well, aside from having NO light, an the old grandmas constantly shouting at their kids and other grandmas, and wandering around the halls in their nightgowns with cigarettes dangling from their lips, mumbling crazy things while holding a bottle of Bud Light (no, really), I looked outside my kitchen window this morning to check if it was raining and saw …. THIS!

What is that???

Let’s look closer….


All I can say is…. Good God, GET ME OUT OF THIS APARTMENT NOW!!!!

For the record, I think it was just the super entertaining himself with crap he found while taking out the garbage. But still! It’s creepy!!


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