My new block (I hope) - Lined with brownstones. Oh so pretty!

I can’t believe it, but I have found my new apartment! It’s in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, almost on the border of Prospect Heights. Totally walkable to the Brooklyn Museum, Prospect Park, and the Brooklyn Botanical Garden! Plus there’s a bus that goes almost directly from my new building to Jackie’s building!

The only thing I’m waiting on now is to have my application approved by the landlord, then I can pay the first month’s rent (I’ve already put down a deposit) and move in early April! I’m already planning on how to decorate the new place. It’s fully renovated, so new appliances and cupboards and counters in the kitchen, and new tile, toilet, and sink in the bathroom. The space is separated by a half-wall and the bedroom area has an exposed brick wall, where an old fireplace used to be (it’s since been filled in. Working fireplaces are nearly non-existent in this city, unless you’re disgustingly rich).  Did I mention the place is flooded with light??? There’s so much more light in Brooklyn, or so it seems, and I’m guessing it’s because the buildings are shorter. At least in my potential new neighborhood they are.

The block is beautiful. It’s lined with old brownstones and my building’s entry has a brick wall and some funky art hanging around. I’m so exhausted from exerting all that energy running around and getting the paperwork in and the check to the broker. It’s a stressful situation. I’d be shocked if I wasn’t approved, but if that didn’t happen it would just mean that it wasn’t meant to be. But let’s face it, this HAS to work out. Did I mention the rent on this place is $200 less than what I pay now? HOLLA!!!

I’m an exhausted but pretty happy camper today.

Tonight: Dinner at The Cottage on Irving Place–aka a rather nice yet inexpensive Chinese restaurant with free carafes of either white or red wine upon request…yes, I said FREE!–with Linnea and Jaime. Gonna be a good one!


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