Speaking of Realty…

Roman Most Fab

My friend Jessica (that’s my bff Lauren’s twin) lives in Las Vegas, and her house (aka my desert flop house when I’ve gambled away all my money) far and away blows every other home of each of my friends clearly out of the water in terms of awesomeness.  Jessica bought the place from an old woman who had lived there for countless years, and happened to leave a lot of cool relics from the 1960s behind–including the amazing dining table set, which makes me drool.

Her house was just featured on ApartmentTherapy.com, along with her stunning feline extraordinaire, the Great and Powerful Roman. I actually don’t think the photos do the house full justice, but it’s pretty cool that the website–rightfully so–posted her house as one of their examples of very cool taste.

Check out the rest of the pics and Jess’s house tour here!


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