Utterly Devastating Treatment of Cats

The Sacred Vision Animal Sanctuary in South Carolina is the most disgusting thing I’ve heard of in a while! This sanctuary is more akin to animal hoarding than animal saving. The cats are in cages in a warehouse, where, reports say, some have been there for years, living with their own waste. These cats are suffering from infections and diseases, and are left to die in pain without even the benefit of euthanization.

The majority of the cats are kept caged 24/7 in wire crates, most of which contain two to four cats each. Only one litterbox is provided per cage, and cats—who are naturally fastidiously clean—have no way to escape the sight and smell of the overflowing piles of feces and urine. The caged cats are denied everything that is natural and important to them—they have no room to stretch or walk around, let alone explore or exercise. See photos from the investigation now.

Paws Up!

I adopted my beloved fuzzy child, Emerson. Always always always adopt from credible shelters!

This story disgusts me and breaks my heart. What’s worse is that the Horry County (Myrtle Beach, South Carolina) police department is taking no action against SVAS and its overseer Elizabeth Owen.

But there is a way we can help: Contact Horry County Prosecutor Greg Hembree via email through this link, or phone him at 843-915-5460.

Places like this have GOT to be shut down. This is not an animal sanctuary, it’s an animal dungeon.

Source: PETA


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