Real Estate Addict

One of the (affordable) apartments I'm drooling over, Brooklyn.

I have been scouring Craigslist and broker websites for the last month and a half, drooling over just a sampling of online listings. I’m still reconciling with the fact that I’m likely going to move to Brooklyn — reconciling because there are much more modern (renovated) studios in Harlem, but I need a massive change in scenery. Though I snobbishly swore–only a year ago–that I would never move to Brooklyn (perish the thought!), I’ve become increasingly curious about the neighborhood ever since my friend Linnea and her boyfriend moved to Williamsburg last summer (fall?). Granted, I can’t afford Williamsburg, that haven of hipsterlings, but it turns out that I can afford neighborhoods like Clinton Hill and Prospect Park, where, surprisingly, studios are plentiful and (relatively) cheap. I’m hoping to find a teeny tiny studio and pay $200 less per month than I do now. Possible? Totally!

I’ve bookmarked brokers on my computer and I’ve even contacted a few preliminarily via Craigslist just to connect and tell them that I’ll be looking starting April 1st. So far they’re all enthusiastic — I mean, that’s their job but it’s exciting nonetheless. I really would prefer to work with a professional this time around, and not just go block-hopping on my own. In March I’m going to head out to Brooklyn to see some of the neighborhoods in person. This is becoming a months-long process but I am not just going to jump at the first hot plot of square-footage by the subway that I find this time. This is going to be an extensive search, and, god-willing, if my tax return is fluffed enough, hopefully I won’t even have to ask my parents for a loan for the security + first month’s rent. And please please please let’s find a place without a broker’s fee!

The gorgeous Harlem studio I've been drooling over for months... And there is a dishwasher!

All I want to do is look at apartments. Virtual hunting is my near-daily hobby right now. Screw cooking. It’s making me fall behind a little on my freelancing — whoops! Fortunately I’m on my last project now (at least that’s on my calendar–who knows what this week will bring), so I can devote the next weeks + month to scouring some more. I loathe my current apartment so much that I am ten seconds away from packing it all up. Hopefully this year will be a lot easier than last year. I should probably start collecting boxes…

Yes, I’m being overzealous. But I was delighted to find there were actually even a few affordable studios on the Upper West Side. So that’s my other aim, now. Not so much Harlem, but anything below 110th street. And they’re out there, really. Small, but can you really complain when Whole Foods and Sephora are mere blocks away and you have more than one subway line to choose from, not to mention being able to start your run on the West Side instead of the East Side like you have for the last 5 years?

Oh my gosh, I’m getting so carried away. I just can’t wait to move, but I can’t sign a new lease until April–moving date May 1. I’ve gotten to the point where I hate being in my apartment; despite its good size, there is no light in here. In fact I want to go to the coffee shop up the street and do some work but I’m not hungry and I’m already too-buzzed on coffee. (I did make myself some whole wheat flax seed waffles this morning and drenched them in maple syrup…my body loves me today.) Maybe they have salads.

Other things:

  • Regina is going to plan my birthday party this year (yes, I know it’s not till June). The party is going to be Las Vegas-themed. And I’ve decided that instead of gifts, I want everyone to donate money so I can send it to Maggie Doyne and her Kopila Valley Children’s Home and School in Nepal.
  • I told the crush to go to hell last week. So that is no more. And I feel better.
  • I have continued revising my novel, and have already added 4,000 words and 20 pages…and I’m only on chapter 3.

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