It’s a New Day

I finally did it! Cut all my hair off and donated it. Not sure how many inches it was this time — at least 10. I’m loving my short hair, which I haven’t had since the first year I moved to New York (five years ago, for those who are counting).

Yesterday started off pretty rough. I thought I would be alright going to work, but as soon as I stepped outside and got on the subway, I realized I’d made a huge mistake. Still, I pressed on. “Do it, LG. Keep going.” Big mistake. I made it about an hour before it felt like my brain was going to spill out of my eye sockets.

As I was getting ready to leave–shutting down my computer, putting on my coat, packing up my bag–my project manager walked into my cube and saw all the tears streaming down my face. Argh! He jumped back with a “whoa!” I was so embarrassed! I am NOT a girl who cries at work. But the pain (and another incident moments before) had made me leak. My PM seems to have bad timing when it comes to entering my cube. He needs to start knocking, maybe. I apologized, but I’m going to apologize again today. Crying at work is just not my style.

After sleeping the day away, I woke up in the afternoon and felt shockingly better. I called my hair salon. I’ve needed a change for a while, and yesterday was the perfect opportunity.

This morning, I’m feeling pretty good. My head is still pounding, but I’m drinking coffee again and my body has stopped creaking. That’s progress.

Looking forward to this upcoming three-day weekend. I’ll be writing, freelancing, and running–should be productive.


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