Like a Bad Old Country Song

My February 14th was like a bad country song, really.

I’m sick, my iPod got stolen, and my crush never called.

Wah wah wah, poor me, I know.

Actually there were some good things that happened yesterday — my renter’s insurance is giving me a little bit of money for my stolen iPod to replace it, my cat was super cuddly while I wallowed in sickness, and I sold something of mine online for an obscene amount of money. I also talked to my tax man, prepped everything for 2010, and sent it all off to him this morning. I’m hoping I won’t have to pay anything more to the IRS this year, that would suck. To top it all off, I have the best mom in the world, who called me twice yesterday to see how I was doing.

Things aren’t so bad. I’m just a really cranky sick person.


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