Does rage weaken the immune system?

It would make sense if rage weakened the immune system. Because I seem to be experiencing that a lot lately. Particularly this past weekend. Actually, more like the last few weeks. I’m just so frustrated by some people in my life, some situations, and just feeling suffocated by a lot of thongs that are going on.

I spent the weekend in D.C. with one of my best friends, Eileen (aka Fatty), because I had to escape the insanity of New York for a few days. I woke up yesterday after a Saturday night of dinner and margaritas with Fatty and  a few of our friends from college, and felt like hell.  No, it wasn’t from drinking. I couldn’t stop sneezing, and my nose wouldn’t stop running. I didn’t feel sick at the time; I thought it was just allergies, which I’ve been suffering from really badly. All the dust in the cities and the building I work in and my apartment, I have been sneezing up a storm for the last year. But yesterday really took the cake. I couldn’t go five minutes without sneezing. I used an entire big box of tissues. I still managed to be productive–I did some freelancing, but really Fatty and I were just lazy all day. A few hours before I was supposed to catch my bus back to New York, I was overcome with some serious nausea and headache. I couldn’t fathom having to be on a bus for four hours feeling that way, so I changed my reservation to the earliest bus the next day (today) and would only be an hour or two late for work — my boss would understand, because he is awesome. But this morning I woke up feeling like I got hit by … well, a bus.

I’m better now than I was, and I maybe could get through the afternoon at work, but I know if I am gonna get better quicker, I need to go home and rest for the day. My nose seems to have cleared up. Now if I could just get rid of feeling like I’m completely overheated, my pounding head, and my achy body.

I think I have been sick on Valentine’s Day for the last four years, at least. It’s my sick time, even when I was in a least being out of society for the day I won’t have to suffer all that pink and red shit everywhere. Oh, maybe you’re wondering what’s going with Crush? I have no idea what’s going on there. Right now it feels like we’re just friends. And I just want to know already. I never year from him. It’s like, just send me a text and tell me you aren’t into me anymore. It’s fine. Just do it. Put my brain out of its misery. This pathetic situation feels like a waste of my mental energy. Maybe it’s time for me to start dating other people.


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