Sad Mac

All I can say is that February had better be an improvement over January. Because, quite frankly, this first month of 2011 has sucked. Aside from all the doctor bills that my insurance decided they didn’t feel like paying for and are now piling up in my mailbox, and myriad other dumb crap that’s gone wrong, I just destroyed my brand-spanking-new MacBook Pro!

Last night, as I settled down at the table with my computer, my vegetable soup, and a pint of organic lager, I reached across the table to grab something and slam! Over goes the pint. Lager all over the computer key board. It was like watching your child get hit by a car.

This is the one thing I’ve always feared doing to my computer — because when it happens, you can’t really do anything about it. I tipped it over, put a fan on it, then removed the back cover’s tiny screws and wiped out as much sticky beer as I could get and then put the fan on it again. Alas, there’s no way it’s turning back on without some serious Apple Help. Unfortunately, my warranty doesn’t cover human stupidity, and neither does the extra Apple Care package that I purchased, which I thought I was buying in case I was dumb enough to do something like this. But nope. Repair costs could be upwards of $750 if I’ve completely destroyed one vital element of the computer; double that if I’ve destroyed two, and then I’m just better off buying yet another machine I can’t afford.

I’m mostly upset about the money thing. Secondly about the fact that I had a great deal of edits and notes for Lauren’s new novel on there that I wanted to get to her today, not to mention all the edits I’ve made to my novel, which I hadn’t backed up this month, and the 1,200 words and plot summary I wrote of my new novel yesterday morning. Yup, FML right now.

Taking the computer to the Genius Bar at Apple tomorrow after work. I pray that fixing it won’t be a massive ding to my credit card (because Lord knows I don’t have that kind of cash on hand, and what I do I’m saving for taxes). I was all excited about selling things for $12 on eBay and a $4 book on … now all that seems like pennies compared to what I’ll be shelling out for computer repairs.

Happy freaking Monday.


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