Sunday is over already? Well, I guess that’s alright. My weekend has been decently busy, and yet relaxing. Doctor appointments Friday evening (apparently I have “mild ADHD” – great), and then a lot of marathon sessions of “Rescue Me” season 5 on Netflix. I also finished my freelancing and played around with my sewing machine. Didn’t get around to my laundry, but eh. I hate laundry.

Last night my crush came over and fixed the leaky drain pipe in my kitchen. I, in turn, made dinner. The guy is pretty tolerant — doesn’t even care that my lasagna didn’t have any cheese in it. Or meat. Apparently my building sucks so much that they didn’t even bother to solder the drain pipes together. The drain pipes were simply put together. No wonder I had to keep a bucket under it for the last six months. Oh, and for those of you who are wondering, I hardly ever call my super. I hate waiting around. This is why it’s good to date someone who has DIY skills that you don’t have. I can paint, build, do anything with screws and wood (That’s what she said!), but when it comes to plumbing–despite installing shower heads, changing toilet tank bolts, and replacing sink faucets–I’m not so knowledgeable about pipes. Fortunately, the crush has an entire garage full of tools–including a torch. Hmm…useful! He also fixed a crack in the pipe that I spotted last-minute. The building bastards are so lazy, they cracked the pipe squeezing it too hard when they installed it and there was a good two-inch crack right down it. …. I need to move. This apartment drives me nuts.


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