Eff this day and the sun it came in on!

Why Today Sucks:

I slept in until 8:40, ten minutes after I’m supposed to leave for work.

The 6 train failed me yet again–that’s twice in one week–stalling and making me even later.

I woke up to a text message from my bank telling me that my overdraft protection went off because debit card payments that I’d made hadn’t gone through when I thought they did.

Despite my somewhat-valiant efforts to get my sh*t together this year, I’m feeling like an epic failure.

I can’t find my Goodwill donation receipt from December for taxes.

I forgot my yoga mat at home, and my eye insurance card, so I had to cancel both yoga with Lauren and my eye checkup.

Fortunately, I only have two meetings today and then tomorrow is Friday, which better not suck.


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