Commuter Pain

The 4/5/6 trains are totally crippled today. Once again, the 6 local was stalling at every station and trains were so backed up that they’d come to a complete standstill in the middle of tunnels for minutes at a time. I decided to get off the slow 6 and hop an express train at 86th St. I didn’t get on the first express that came in–it was packed shoulder-to-shoulder, and I quickly realised that the express was having the same issues as the local. The next express came in relatively empty and I actually got a seat. But we were held in the station yet again.
The automated voice came on to tell us the next stop would be Brooklyn Bridge City Hall, which, if you know New York City, is almost the end of the island. Panicked passengers jumped off the train, unsure of what the next stop would be, and no announcements were made to clarify or confirm where we were going. I held fast in my seat, and figured there was no physical way express trains could go straight from 86th to Brooklyn Bridge, unless there are secret tunnels I’ve never seen. Secret tunnels?? Sounds fun, I thought. So, here I am, sitting comfortably on the empty express train, and we really did pull into 59th St, as the train should. I’m over thirty minutes late for work, by the way. Thanks NYC MTA, for screwing us over, yet again.

As for secret tunnels, if they really existed, there would be far fewer problems when trains stall. Duh!


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