Total Eclipse of the … Skin

On the never-ending quest for clear skin, there’s one trick I tried that actually, well, seemed to work better than other treatments: microdermabrasion. The only reason I tried it was because Groupon offered a stellar deal–the service for around $40, where, for that medispa, it usually cost $245. Now, who can actually justify spending $245 a month on a fifteen minute skin service? Not me.

Microdermabrasion not only boasts “younger-looking skin” by promoting collagen generation, but also promises scar and pore reduction. Reducing the appearance of scars? Sign me up! And yes, that one fifteen-minute session of microdermabrasion really did make my face look “dewy,” as they say. But was I ever going to spend the money to do it again? Hell no. Especially not when I know I can get an awesome hour-long (occasionally two-hours-long) facial in Chinatown for $50 (or the buy-two-get-one-free deal) with extraction. So, when I received a flyer with my recent M2 lotion order, offering a 20% off deal for the Personal Microderm system, an at-home microdermabrasion kit, I jumped. I mean, not literally. But if anything can cure my fugly face from these damn casein-induced facial blots, it’s micro. So … here we go! I’ll be posting before and after photos on the blog when I get the kit and commence with the cleansing. So stay tuned!


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