The porcelain egg coddler — my new best friend.

(For those of you who are wondering, yes, I’m being a fair-weather vegan lately, waffling back and forth between veganism and pescetarianism. I need my fish more than I need my eggs.)

The egg coddler was one of those impulse purchases from when I was in Alaska. I get a little crazy over the fact that there’s no sales tax up there, so when my mom took me to Habitat Housewares in Anchorage on the search for a garlic slicer thing, I walked out with a new grater, a spice grinder, a chopper, and, yes, a porcelain egg coddler.

I finally had the time to try this gadget out this morning. And by time, I mean I didn’t really have the time since I actually slept in today, but I put it on  because I didn’t want to have to buy breakfast. Anyway… I wound up overcooking my eggs, but it was a great pleasure to pop the thing out, wrap it in a paper towel and stick it in my bag. The eggs were still warm when I got to work (yet, overcooked–lesson learned). It was a nice at-desk treat. Much better than bringing hard-boiled eggs to work, which I haven’t done since my boss’s assistant walked into my cube and said, “Am I crazy or does it smell like nasty eggs in hear?” Oops. Office-foul.


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