Back to Life, Back to Reality


I’m feeling very melancholy about being back in New York. I miss my parents quite a lot. I miss my sister and my nephew. I even miss my parents’ dogs. But, I have to admit, my bed never felt so comfortable as it did last night. I was on airplanes for ten hours yesterday, plus a two-hour layover in Seattle where I passed out in the terminal after letting a drugged-up Emmy Cat drunkenly stumble around on her leash. The most amazing thing happened, though. I was falling asleep on the flight from Anchorage to Seattle (which took off at 2:30am Alaska time, 6:30am New York time), and as we reached altitutde, I looked out the window. What do I see? The Northern Lights!! Above the clouds! They were all green and dancing wildly. I’d never seen them from the air before. It was a magical way to leave Alaska.

The sun had just risen when I left Seattle around 9:00am, Pacific Time. Landed in New York at 5:00pm Eastern. It’s weird how you sort of lose a whole day of your life flying coast to coast. Though when you go East-West you gain a day. Anyway…I’m babbling. I’m stalling on getting my day started. I would have been perfectly happy to stay in bed for another four hours this morning. Today is definitely a slow-starter, but at least I got to see my crush last night–he picked me up from the airport and we had sushi and watched “The Big Lebowski.” Emmy was very happy to see him, but not as happy as I was.

And, on that note, I’d better get on with the day…


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